Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Taka Update April 29, 2015

 Taka Update April 29,  2015
Fish delivery and more
I have big eye tuna and not sure for the weekend.
Uni is available. It is from Maine again. CA uni has some problems,maybe.
Live scallop is available. There is no problem.
Japanese fish Omakase came yesterday, Tile Fish, Sea Robin, Three Grant Line, Sea Bream and Grouper.
I might get Mirugai, Giant Clam today. This is not sure.

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Starving sea lions now fight U.S. fishermen for food as West Coast ecosystem collapses
 The West Coast ecosystem is in a state of dire collapse. The Southern California sea lion population is dwindling to new lows as countless hungry and emaciated pups wash ashore. There's simply not enough food to go around for the mammals. Some believe the acidity of the waters is intensifying, not allowing certain species of fish to survive. The sudden decline in sardine biomass off the West coast is directly impacting larger animals in the food chain like the Southern California sea lions. A record number of these beautiful sea mammals have been rescued since 2013, when an unusual "mortality event" was declared. As the animals struggle to find food, some appear to be getting vicious and may now attack humans for food.
In fact, a fisherman recently had a violent altercation with a sea lion at a San Diego marina. As he was holding a large fish and posing for a picture, a sea lion jumped from the water, hopped on deck and lunged at the man and his prized catch. The sea lion effectively took the fish and pulled the man into the ocean. Authorities said the man was injured. San Diego Fire Rescue spokesman Lee Swanson reported that the violent altercation resulted in the fisherman being carried underwater for 15 breathtaking seconds. When the man was rescued, he was taken to a local hospital and treated for cuts on his arm and hand.
Official sources may propose that global warming is causing mass migration of fish away from the West coast, resulting in starving sea lions, but slight fluctuations in water current temperature may be part of larger cycles and shifts that naturally occur in the ocean.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Taka Update April 21, 2015

 Taka Update April 21,  2015
Fish delivery and more
I only have Yellow fin tuna. Big eye tuna will come tomorrow.
Uni is available. It is from Maine. Small but sweet taste.
Live scallop is available. There is no problem.
Japanese fish Omakase comes today. Must try.

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Energy drinks significantly increase hyperactivity in schoolchildren
Middle-school children who consume heavily sweetened energy drinks are 66% more likely to be at risk for hyperactivity and inattention symptoms, a new study led by the Yale School of Public Health has found.
The finding has implications for school success and lends support to existing recommendations to limit the amount of sweetened beverages schoolchildren drink. The authors also recommend that children avoid energy drinks, which in addition to high levels of sugar also often contain caffeine. The study is published in the journal Academic Pediatrics.
The research team -- led by professor Jeannette Ickovics, director of CARE (Community Alliance for Research and Engagement) at the School of Public Health -- surveyed 1,649 middle-school students randomly selected from a single urban school district in Connecticut.
The researchers found that boys were more likely to consume energy drinks than girls and that black and Hispanic boys were more likely to drink the beverages than their white peers. The average age of the student participants was 12.4 years old. The study controlled for the number and type of other sugar-sweetened drinks consumed.
"As the total number of sugar-sweetened beverages increased, so too did risk for hyperactivity and inattention symptoms among our middle-school students. Importantly, it appears that energy drinks are driving this association," said Ickovics. "Our results support the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation that parents should limit consumption of sweetened beverages and that children should not consume any energy drinks."
While more research is needed to better understand the effects and mechanisms linking sweetened beverages and hyperactivity, previous research has shown a strong correlation between children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and poor academic outcomes, greater difficulties with peer relationships, and increased susceptibility to injuries. These associations are understudied among minority children, notes Ickovics, and previous research has suggested under-diagnosis of ADHD in black and Hispanic children.
Some sugar-sweetened beverages and energy drinks that are popular with students contain up to 40 grams of sugar. The students in this study consumed on average two sugared drinks per day, with a range of zero to seven or more drinks. Health experts recommend that children consume a maximum of 21 to 33 grams of sugar daily (depending on age).
In addition to hyperactivity and inattention, heavily sugared beverages also impact childhood obesity, notes Ickovics, and sugar-sweetened beverages are a leading cause of added calories in the diets of obese children. Currently, about one-third of American schoolchildren are considered overweight or obese.
The study was co-authored by other researchers from CARE, the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, and the New Haven Public Schools.

Vegetables Miso Dip

Fish Omakase
GA Tech Roll

It's fun to make dishes. TAKA

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Taka Update April 08, 2015

 Taka Update April 08,  2015
Fish delivery and more
I have big eye tuna with small fat. This is 40 lbs. Red meat part is great.
Uni is available. It is Maine again. CA uni is gone, Spring Break.
Live scallop is available. There is no problem.
Japanese fish Omakase came yesterday. All of them are wild caught, amazing.
Maters game will start tomorrow. Hot and Thunderstorm? Not easy this year.
I will go back to Augusta on Sunday.

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More whole grains associated with lower early mortality, especially cardiovascular
Eating more whole grains appears to be associated with reduced early mortality, especially deaths due to cardiovascular disease (CVD), but not cancer deaths, according to a report published online by JAMA Internal Medicine.
Whole grains are widely recommended in many dietary guidelines as healthful food. However, data regarding how much whole grains people eat and mortality were not entirely consistent.
Hongyu Wu, Ph.D., of the Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, and coauthors examined the association between eating whole grains and the risk of death using data from two large studies: 74,341 women from the Nurses' Health Study (1984-2010) and 43,744 men from the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study (1986-2010). All the participants were free of cancer and CVD when the studies began.
The authors documented 26,920 deaths. After the data were adjusted for potential confounding factors including age, smoking and body mass index, the study found that eating more whole grains was associated with lower total mortality and lower CVD mortality but not cancer deaths. The authors further estimated that every serving (28 grams/per day) of whole grains was associated with 5 percent lower total mortality or 9 percent lower CVD mortality.
"These findings further support current dietary guidelines that recommend increasing whole grain consumption to facilitate primary and secondary prevention of chronic disease and also provide promising evidence that suggests a diet enriched with whole grains may confer benefits toward extended life expectancy," the study concludes.
I eat Brown rice with grains sometimes. I like breads with grains.  

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Taka Update April 01, 2015

Taka Update April 01,  2015
Fish delivery and more
I have big eye tuna with good fat. This is around 35 lbs. It is available next 2-3 days.
Uni is available. It is Maine again. I had Live Uni but sold out. Might get again.
Live scallop is available. There is no problem. I get Mirugai, Giant Clam today.
Japanese fish Omakase came yesterday. This is from Kyushu, west of Japan.
Maters is coming next week. I bring Wagyu, Japanese beef for the players.
Easter is coming this Sunday. I go to Green Church and pray and play my game.

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Cigarettes end life early for two out of every three smokers
More than 200,000 Australians -- smokers and non-smokers -- took part in a research study which ultimately revealed that death from cigarette use is much higher than doctors previously estimated. The journal BMC Medicine reported that smoking just 10 cigarettes daily doubles the chance of death. If you smoke 20 cigarettes daily -- about one pack -- that makes a person four to five times more likely to die from cancer, heart disease or smoke-related illnesses.

I never smoked. I just try a couple of times.

Healthy Reason To Drink Coffee
More than half of American grown-ups drink coffee every day. Their non-sipping counterparts may want to follow suit. The health benefits associated with drinking coffee are plenty: The brew is packed with antioxidants and downing a cup can help wake up the brain and make a person feel more alert and focused. A new report published by the World Cancer Research Fund found that the apparently magical liquid can also decrease a person's risk for liver cancer.
The numbers are pretty significant: Researchers found that a consistent love for coffee could lower liver cancer risk by 14 percent. As part of ongoing research for the Continuous Update Project, a research team at Imperial College London analyzed 34 existing global studies about how diet, nutrition, physical activity and weigh relate to cancer risk and survival. Collectively, the studies covered approximately 8.2 million adults and 24,500 cases of liver cancer. Researchers are not sure why coffee might protect against the disease, but they hypothesized that certain compounds in the beverage could help to fight toxins. "Both coffee and coffee extracts have also been shown to reduce the expression of genes involved in inflammation, and the effects appear to be most pronounced in the liver," the report reads.
Researchers also found that those with an alcohol habit benefited from the addition a coffee habit: Those who consumed about three alcoholic beverages a day could reduce liver damage, ultimately lessening their risk for liver cancer.
I take coffee but this is café with milk, honey and Baily. This is only in the morning.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Taka Update March 24, 2015

 Taka Update March 24,  2015
Fish delivery and more
☆ I have big eye tuna but no fat in it, actually low, very low fat in it. I carry Blue fin Oh toro this week.
☆ Uni is available. It is from Maine, not California this time. The taste is good but the color is not great. A customer returned this uni yesterday without eating.
  Live scallop is available.
Most of Japanese fish came yesterday because of holiday in Japan. This means we have many Japanese fish for the weekend.

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Hand Dishwashing Tied to Fewer Allergies for Kids\
Do you use dishwashers at your home?  I use it when I have parties.
Children whose families washed dishes by hand were associated with a lower risk of developing allergies compared with those who used a machine dishwasher, according to an observational study of Swedish families.
In a multivariate analysis, Bill Hesselmar, MD, PhD, pediatric allergology, Queen Silvia Children's Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden, and colleagues reported that children ages 7 to 8 were less likely to develop allergic disease with hand dishwashing (OR 0.57, 95% CI: 0.37-0.85). Allergic diseases included eczema, asthma, and allergic rhinoconjunctivitis (ARC).

Xenoestrogens in make-up and consumer products put women at risk of breast cancer, miscarriage, diabetes and more
The healthy food movement has increasingly gained momentum over the last few years, attracting followers from all over the world who spend a lot of time focusing on which foods to buy and which ones to avoid. Unfortunately, avoiding pesticides and other harmful chemicals is a full-time job, and it's not just spent examining the food we eat.
We're frequently exposed to a multitude of chemicals through a variety of other sources including personal care products, plastics and industrial products such as furnishings, motor vehicles and electronics.
A particularly prevalent group of chemicals that pose a real threat to society right now are endocrine disruptors, some of which are referred to as estrogen mimickers or xenoestrogens. Endocrine disruptors alter the normal functioning of hormones, interfering with signaling processes that tell our tissues what to do.
"When chemicals from the outside get into our bodies, they have the ability to mimic our natural hormones; blocking or binding hormone receptors," reports " This is particularly detrimental to hormone sensitive organs like the uterus and the breast, the immune and neurological systems, as well as human development."
Nothing safe in this world. We need to watch and be careful. That is my answer.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Taka Update March 18, 2015

 Taka Update March 18,  2015
Fish delivery and more
☆ Good tuna came yesterday, I expected nice toro but it was not there. If we think of tuna, this one is great.
☆ Uni is available. It is from Maine, not California this time.
  Live scallop is available. I think this is good for a while. The weather in NE is good.
I bought Fish Omakase from Japan. 4 kinds of unknown fishes were in it. Must try!

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Ginger Ginger Ginger
Researchers from the University of Minnesota's Hormel Institute found that gingerols may inhibit the growth of colorectal cancer cells after providing the herb to mice specifically bred to lack an immune system. Scientists fed the mice half a milligram of gingerol three times a week before injecting them with human colorectal cancer cells.

After 15 days, 13 tumors were found in the control group (meaning they were not given gingerol) compared to just four tumors identified in the group that received gingerol. By day 38, one mouse in the gingerol-receiving group still had no measurable tumors; however, all of the control group mice were eventually euthanized because their tumors had grown to one cubic centimeter (0.06 cubic inch).

It's clear that ginger has some amazing healing capabilities. Similar to turmeric, it works great medicinally, but is also a staple in many fine-tasting cuisines.

Ginger is incredibly versatile, meaning it can be used in many types of food. One of the most popular uses for ginger is for desserts. Ginger cookies, gingerbread, ginger waffles and even cocktails are just a few sweets you can make using this herb.

 Actually, we use a lot of ginger for cooking. We make Ginger dressing for salad. We make Honey Ginger tea. I use Ginger for Healthy Body Soup. I also use Ginger for some sashimi sauce.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

I always get this kind of mail.


       How are you doing today,My Name is Mr Dane Mill, I will like to make an Order for 200 spicy tuna rolls to feed 150 people is needed on the 27th of MARCH is for my Mothers Birthday Party ,and it will be pick up 3pm on the event date Go ahead and get me the Total cost now..And also i want you to get back to me  with your Information such as Full Name ,Restaurant Address ,Telephone number and Cellphone Number so that i can text you as that i can have it forward to the Private Carrier that will be coming with there Cold and Warmer Truck to pick up the Order 
You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace . . .
Isaiah 55:12

I always delete these mails.